Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Strictly business...or not?

So when I decided to sign up for Twitter I was clear in my mind that it was for professional reasons. I have really reaped the benefits of "following" leaders in the field of technology and education. On occasion I will tweet something personal, but I try to do that on Facebook instead. When I started this blog I initially thought it too would be strictly for professional reasons. What am I realizing is that it is extremely difficult to keep my personal and professional lives completely separate if I expect to fully embrace either one. For instance, I enjoy sharing my new found passion for technology with my husband who is not in the same profession as me. It leads to great conversations, and in the end it makes us closer knowing what happens during the 9-5 (ha) shift that we don't see each other. The reverse isn't as obvious...technically it may be easier to engage in meaningful conversations with others with zero personal information involved, but the reality is that the personal information is what makes us have the human connection. I really enjoy when others post great articles, new blogs, etc. that deal with teaching; it really hits home with me though when I see that this person clearly tweeted that after putting kids to bed just like me. So as with just about everything in life, I guess the key is moderation. I think a 70-30 split on both sides works well for me. So Good Night fellow teachers and Good Night Moon!

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